event at Milagro Allegro, Highland Park, Los Angeles 10/6/2012

Please join us at David Weldzius' Highland Park Community Garden plot this Sunday, June 10 for an exhibition of new work by Laura Aldridge. Entitled LAxLA, the show's site specific pieces look to the garden as a place of possible hospitality, probable nurturing, and certain excess. Employing glowing language, relational table cloths, and cut-and-paste graphic design, Aldridge's new works were created during her recent two-month stay in Los Angeles. They celebrate the finely wrought fecundity of an idealized California landscape as well as call upon the people who populate that landscape to make it a truly transformative, emotional space. Aldridge proposes that there is no land of milk and honey without someone to make the jugs and pots that hold the milk and honey! Hey Honey, Got Milk? Yes, says Aldridge: we can have it all right here.

 Insatllation at Millagro Allegro, Los Angeles   Sweetness - collaboration with Thomas Clark 
 Sweetness - collaboration with Thomas Clark   Insatllation st Millagro Allegro - Laura Aldridge 
 LAxLA publication launch event     
 lessons learned from the garden with Anna Mayer