Laura Aldridge

Laura Aldridge: Things That Soak You
Texts by Tina Fiske, Joe Scotland, Louise Shelley, Linsey Young.
Published by Mousse Publishing
176 pages
Softcover, 17 × 24 cm
ISBN 9788867495009

Available from Mousse Publishing

by Laura Aldridge
with essays by Linsey Young, Charlotte Linton and Michelle Wipplinger
Published by The British Council
Risograph softback (ring bound)
62 pages, 253mm x 202mm,2016

Available at

Laying down and kissing the love in the mist: Part three
by Kate Morrell, Laura Aldridge & Louise Shelley.
Published by Laura Aldridge
Risograph, b/w images with 4 colour section, knotted elastic binding
32 pages, 145mm x 195mm, 2013

Available from Pleats Press

Lessons Learned from the Garden
by Laura Aldridge & Anna Mayer
Soft back, hand printed & bound
Occasional magazine
280mm x 215mm

edition of 50 sold out

Underside, backside, inside, even
by Laura Aldridge
with an essay by Anna Mayer
Published by Laura Aldridge
Risograph softback
16 pages
210mm x 145mm

edition of 200 sold out

Cats are not important
by Laura Aldridge
with an essay by Leslie Dick
Published by Transmission Gallery
16 pages, 295mm x 205mm, 2010

Available at


2HB vol3
Edited by Francis McKee & Louise Shelley
Contribution by Will Bradley & Tirdad Zolghadr, Laura Aldridge
Published by CCA, Glasgow
24 pages, 130mm x 210mm, 2009

available from CCA Glasgow download here

Younger than Jesus / Artist Directory
Edited by Lauren Cornell, Massimiliano Gioni & Laura Hoptman
Published by Phaidon
540 pages, 290mm x 250 mm, 2008

Available to buy from Phaidon

The workshop has survived because we love each other
by Laura Aldridge & Fiona Jardine
Published by Glasgow Sculpture Studios
Folded booklet
700mm x 420mm



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